Drug Defense Attorney

In Utah, you can face severe penalties upon conviction for a drug-related crime, including significant fines and time behind bars. Potential charges include drug possession, distribution, manufacturing and prescription fraud. In addition to drug charges, you can also face additional charges – including child abuse – if you are pregnant or a parent of minor children.

To protect your future, you need a seasoned legal professional on your side.

A drug defense attorney from the Law Office of Brad R. Anderson will fight for you, protecting your legal rights and helping obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Penalties for Conviction on Utah Drug Charges

Drug crimes carry a significant risk for penalties upon conviction. In fact, you could face six months behind bars for your first misdemeanor drug charge.

The specific penalties you face depend on several factors:
  • Your prior record, if applicable
  • The nature of the alleged offense
  • The quantity of drugs allegedly in your possession
  • The classification of the drug in question

In addition to the potential for incarceration, you will also have to pay substantial fines, fees and surcharges and potentially have to obtain court-ordered substance abuse treatment. The judge may order supervised probation or community service, and you will be left with a permanent criminal record to haunt you every time you apply for a job or try to rent a house.

You could lose your job and become ineligible for professional licensure.

How a Utah Drug Defense Attorney Can Help

Having a lawyer on your side when facing drug charges provides many powerful advantages.

Your attorney will protect your legal rights under the law and ensure you understand all your options. Your legal team will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to ensure that your rights were not violated during your arrest or the processing of your evidence.

Your drug defense attorney will determine the best legal strategies and options for your case, and help you make informed decisions about how you want to proceed. Your lawyer will appear with you or on your behalf for every court date and legal proceeding.

Finally, if you are eligible for a diversion or deferral program, your legal team can prepare the appropriate documents and do whatever is necessary to facilitate that outcome, if that is your preferred action.

Potential Drug Defense Strategies

Our team will carefully review the circumstances of your arrest, specifically how the police recovered the evidence used as the basis for your drug charges. If you were subject to illegal search and seizure, or if the evidence in your case was not processed and handled correctly, this can provide an effective defense strategy.

To obtain a conviction, the prosecution must demonstrate that you knowingly and intentionally were in possession of the drugs in question. Depending on where the drugs were found and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, this may also provide a solid basis for your defense.

At the Law Office of Brad R. Anderson, we understand the fear and uncertainty that you feel. We can help. Contact us today for a complimentary case review with one of our Utah drug defense attorneys.